Press release 14.8.2019

Amiedu and Petsofi team up to promote digitalization of animal health care sector.

Starting from this semester animal health care platform Petsofi joins forces with Amiedu, Finland’s leading animal care education center, in order to teach future professionals the tools of the digital business.
“This collaboration offers our students a great opportunity to learn about digital tools and services and gives them better qualifications for the future job market”, Amiedu’s trainer Harriet Sandfors says.

She believes that the use of online veterinary services will be more common in the future.

“We are very excited about this collaboration. It allows us to be a step ahead of our competitors and makes adopting new digital tools easier for the trainees. It is very important to us to be in touch with people who actually work in this sector.”

Training sessions will be led and facilitated by Amiedu’s instructors. Themes and topics for the sessions will be selected by paying close attention to the student’s ability, level and individual preferences.  In the beginning sessions will be attended by Petsofi’s Customer Officer Taina Friman who has years of clinical nursing expertise.

“It is a terrific deal. I am looking forward to starting this collaboration this coming autumn. It strengthens the everyday experience of companies in the animal health sector when people are well equipped in using the latest technology. From the customer perspective these digital tools lower the threshold of reaching out for specialists and their information. They make animal health care easier for all the parties involved”, Friman says.

“First aid instructions for human patients, health check-ups, dog training. There are many services that may be used online.  In the future when there are more skilled people in this field that means there will be more help available. You can reach out wherever you are, sitting on your couch or when travelling”, Friman says.

Petsofi’s animal care network is growing steadily and will soon reach the first leg of its growth plan with nearly 30 000 patients and 25 clinics. More and more companies and people are joining in. Target is a network of more than 50 companies by the end of 2019.

“Though a relatively small company we are able to create synergies that benefit all in the animal health sector. Collaborative networking is the thing of the future and specifically important for a field that consists of large number of small companies. Amiedu has taken a great step forward by making digitalisation part of its curriculum. Decisions like this ensure the growth of this sector and increase animal well-being”, Petsofi’s founder Laura Laakso says.

Petsofi launched the Animal Health Service Platform with its online veterinary solution in Finland in November 2018. From the very start, Petsofi has become Finland’s largest platform for telemedicine solutions in animal health care. The aim of the company is to expand the range of animal services using the latest technology and enable its customer’s easier access to expert services, know-how and to better utilise information for their pet’s health.

Harriet Sandfors,
Taina Friman, m. 040 833 1567,
Laura Laakso, m.045 136 9887,

Petsofi was founded in Finland in 2016 and is the animal health service platform where animal owners, university researchers, breed associations and already 17 animal clinics in 11 different locations work together for animal health. Petsofi is free to join for all animal owners.

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