Ask about your dog’s itching for free at Petsofi! 

We are organizing dogs’ itching day this Thursday the 26th of September. This means you can ask for free from the online veterinarians about your dogs itching and scratching. On Thursday the 26th of September at 18-20 o’clock you will find veterinarians Elli Hemminki, Jenni Hatakka and Laura Laakso online for free in Petsofi.


Does you dogs’ scratching bother you?

On top of this, now you will have a great opportunity to get your dog to participate in a free skin research project.

Answer the skin, pruritus, atopy and allergy questionnaire in Petsofi and based on the results, the dogs, that are suitable for the research, will receive an invitation for a free visit to Masala’s veterinarian clinic in Espoo, Finland.

By answering to this skin questionnaire in Petsofi, you also help to develop the skin analysis for dogs. Once we have received enough answers, you will see the results showing your dog’s itching symptoms compared to both the same breed and all of the dogs. In addition the skin analysis gathers important information about your dog’s breed’s skin health.

You can find the questionnaire at Petsofi on your dog’s own page in the Analyses section.


Itching Friday in Masala, Espoo (Finland)!

Itching Friday will be held on the 27th of September at Masala veterinary clinic in Espoo from 2 pm to 6 pm. Book a time by email at or by phone Mon-Thu 9 am-4pm at 045 136 9887.

The cost of the examination is 30 euros *. Note that the examination will be free for those who are invited to the study through Petsofi. You will receive a possible invitation to the free skin research project based on the result of the Petsofi questionnaire, or based on an Petsofi online veterinary visit.




* The price of € 30 includes a clinical examination by a veterinarian. Further examinations and treatments will be charged separately.