The research group from University of Helsinki is developing a new epilepsy survey together with neurologists. The aim of the research group is to create a versatile tool, which can help veterinarians in diagnosing epilepsy and collects high-quality data for scientific epilepsy research. The survey will also help dog owners to understand their dog’s disease better at both individual and population level.

Development of the epilepsy survey has proceeded to validation state and the research group is now looking for participants for the user experience study. The survey will be published in Petsofi and after testing it will be available for all dogs with a profile in Petsofi.

Owners of all breeds and ages of epilepsy-diagnosed dogs can participate in the test group. The tests are performed during 1.11-20.12.2019 at Meilahti campus of University of Helsinki. Alternatively you can invite the researches for a home visit at Helsinki Metropolitan area. Reserve approximately 1-2 hours for the test that consist of answering the survey and an interview of the owner, which will be recorded. Note that the dog is not needed to be present. All collected information is used to improve the epilepsy survey.

If you want to participate or you have further questions, please contact PhD student Tiina Heinonen (tiina.heinonen(at)