by Laura Laakso DVM MSC

Pets are the real thing in the ever-digitalisating world, and we love them. The services pet owners expect to get, however, will change with the digitalisation, whether you like it or not. There is no status quo, although pet business owners might think there is.

For example, the interaction and communication that pet owners expect to get from vets has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. Social media and communication apps eat veterinary profitability for breakfast and work engagement for lunch. Every veterinarian and every local business owner has noticed the decline of work productivity when work is interrupted by requests and questions stuffing emails, whatsapps, messengers and text messages. Lot of work, lot of responsibility, no income.

Digital transformation is not a software project. It is a business plan. Where and how to cut costs, low profitability tasks and taxing work. How to raise quality and customer satisfaction. How to make technology work for you and not against you. How to turn technology costs into positive cash flows.

In order to do a business plan, you need people that know how to work in a digital environment, and how to turn costs into cash flows. That’s why I’m very pleased to have a collaboration with Amiedu, the leading vocational education centre in animal care in Finland. Together we will give future workers and business owners some insights of how to make their pet business work in the digital era.

In a year or two, we will have animal care professionals that are better prepared to take digitalisation by the horns and make business plans that use the best tools whilst avoiding the pit holes.

So, what’s the beef for Petsofi? We believe that anyone who gets excited of new opportunities to take better care of animals, makes Petsofi better. Petsofi is the platform, the users – you, me, professionals and animal lovers- do what they are best at: take better care of our dear animals.