Should I use an online veterinarian? Why? When?
The online vet is a practical and safe service regardless of your whereabouts – in the summer cottage or on a ski trip in Lapland.  Gone are the days when you had to determine a diagnosis with a web search and consider whether a trip to a vet is necessary or not.  We at Petsofi provide you with fast and cost-effective online veterinary consultancy. You will immediately receive your response and, if necessary, your vet will guide you forward.
Our on-line service allows you to:
–Get an assessment of the urgency of your treatment: how fast your animal needs aftercare
–Get information about home care: is there something you can do for your pet yourself?
–Receive a recommendation on what further examinations your animal may need
–Decide if your pet needs to see a specialist or if consulting nearest general practitioner is enough
 –Renew prescriptions you may have received from your veterinarian in the past
–Have your x-ray photographs and other clinical materials reviewed
We would like to point out these legal limitations to online visits:  A veterinarian may not prescribe prescription drugs to the animal without first physically investigating it.  Some prescription renewals require that your pet must have been examined by the same veterinarian within the past year.
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