The Finnish veterinary-based start-up company, Petsofi Ltd, has opened an online veterinary platform that brings together veterinarians and animal owners. The service started this October. Petsofi platform provides veterinarians with an easy way to open their own online reception.

Veterinarians will only need a computer to run the service. For the pet owner, the service offers a possibility to reach for a veterinarian when he or she most needs, for example at evenings and at weekends. From the customer’s point of view online reception is inexpensive whilst for the veterinarian it offers the opportunity to earn additional income.

Petsofi’s goal is to promote animal health and well-being by providing new generation of services to animal owners, veterinarians and researchers. Online reception is one of the first major openings of the company.

– Veterinarians and customers have received our service enthusiastically. Here’s a huge potential, Petsofi’s CEO Laura Laakso says joyfully.

For more information, contact: Laura Laakso