Laura Laakso


DVM Msc, background in clinical practice, clinical research, veterinary business and development. Key skills in executive leadership, R&D, M&A,big data analytics, health economics.
Vet business consolidation Animagi build up 2012-2015 from 12Meur to 30 Meur to business&EMR development at Evidensia 2015-2016.

M: +358 45 136 9887

Hannes Lohi

Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Helsinki/University of Guelph

Prof in Molecular Genetics, University of Helsinki/University of Guelph.
Co-founder in 4 bio-start-ups gone international, such as Genoscoper laboratories Ltd and LS CancerDiag Ltd.

Juha Tenhovaara


MSc – Background in Information and Communications Technology, sales & marketing and business development. Key international skills in Sales of High Tech Solutions, Account Strategy Development and Strategic Marketing. The most recent career in Global Account Management at Intel Corporation and Marvell Technologies in 1999-2013.

M: +358 50 555 1277

Emma Hakanen

Research Coordinator  

Msc, background in chemistry, statistics, ecology and evolutionary biology. Key skills in data analytics and behavioral ecology.
Phd Student in Canine Genetics Research group, University of Helsinki.

M: +358 50 337 4188

Taina Friman

Account manage

Taina has twenty years of experience working with animals. Close to her heart are all animals, their comprehensive well-being and also the wellbeing of us animal loving people. Taina has been involved in animal welfare, both as an animal attendant working for clinical surgeons and working as sales manager and as a regional head of various animal clinics. The work experience has included both small animals and horses.

Taina is a long-line dog breeder and has successfully bred Finnish Lapphunds and American Akitas. Also her time off is spent with the animals, attending dog shows, competitions, trials and horse trotting competitions. She finds that Petsofi enables in a fascinating way promotion of animal health and well-being.

M: +358 (0) 40 833 1567