Petsofi is:

1. Animal welfare services in your pocket 
Petsofi’s core idea is to facilitate pet owner’s access to animal welfare services. When you provide Petsofi with your pet’s information, it will be in one place. When you need an expert, he or she will be reached more easily. The information you provide will serve as a patient card to facilitate the work and the right care of veterinarians and other specialists.

2. Petsofi is your online veterinarian, physiotherapist and expert 
A permanent relationship with your own experts that will be within your reach anytime you like. You can chat with a veterinarian online before visiting one. You will save time and money.

3. Reciprocity and mutual trust 
We know you’re the expert when it comes to your pet. Your knowledge can be shared and compared to the latest research data. You see what kind of research you are engaging with your pet. You stay on top of the results of the studies. Everything we offer you is there to improve our quality of life.

4. Our services will keep you informed 
We will guide you to the right information. Our home diagnostic tools and our surveys allow you to understand your animal and its needs. Where appropriate, you’ll be able to combine this data with the right experts and solutions.

5. Information that will be useful to you! 
Have you ever wondered why Spot licks the floorboards? Why is Kit Kat the pony isolated in the last corner of the stables? For the message to be read, try our analytic tools. We also help you to find correct and timely solutions.

6. Tested and validated 
Petsofi’s queries provide reliable answers. They are done in cooperation with university-level researchers. You will get access to your animal information quickly.

7. Animals help people 
We believe that easy access to information will make life easier for everyone. What we know about animals is useful with human-related research. People and pets live in the same environment and are exposed to the same environmental impacts. Many diseases have a human counterpart. We share the same genes. For example, knowledge of allergies in dogs increases knowledge of human allergies. Horse metabolic problems or joint disease research can help humans suffering of diabetes or arthritis.

8. Registration is free 
In the future, you will keep all the information about your animal in one place without charge. You heard correctly, the service is free.

9 Petsofi is safe 
We use the latest security technologies. You decide who to know about your animal’s affairs. When you see a service on our site, it means it has Petsofi’s approval. We work for high quality.

 10. How do I register my pet? 
Just follow the instructions you’ll find on our website. By registering you can start to build Petsofi’s community and service. You will continue to receive real time information that is guaranteed safe.